Against All Odds – The Ballad of You Have Breast Cancer

Coping with breast cancerMany people asked me how this all happened, how did I know, how long did it take to get the diagnosis. Even now, almost four months later I still stop and think about it…

So dim the lights and hold onto someone tight, it’s the slow dance segment of the night.

Monday, May 2nd
still at the office when the phone rang
indescribable, undeniable
like a total eclipse of the heart
etched in my mind forever
it was a blue, blue Monday.

Coping with breast cancerTwo weeks earlier one night
I struggled to sleep
there it was, a lump
maybe a cyst from years back
but felt like a careless whisper
I didn’t wanna hear.

The next day
the doctor reassured
everything would be alright
But the ultrasound didn’t go as planned
a biospy was next
and my heart dropped to the floor.

Coping with breast cancerI feverishly searched
for the answers I needed to know
most lumps are cysts
80% of tumors are benign
the odds were in my favour
I could hold on for one more day.

The needle was first
scary but ok
but then the other
like a staple gun
I sat on the bus after
holding back the tears.

No one even knew
that it was supposed to be
the other story
the one where we don’t cry
but I guess every rose
has its thorn.

Coping with breast cancerThat week was a blur
I was a wreck
I guess somewhere deep inside
I knew it all along
and listened to my heart
to catch it early on.

The first thing I learned
is how little I knew
how scary cancer is
a war to be fought
with love, support and knowledge
cause knowing is, half the battle.


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Going through the ups and downs of coping with breast cancer.

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