Back to the Future – Part 2: The Egg Freezing Process

egg freezing, fertility preservation, chemotherapy, breast cancer

In the end I figured if freezing my eggs didn’t interfere with my treatment, I should just do it. Just in case. Plus the sci-fi aspect of it all, did have me a little intrigued! The overall process was only about two weeks so it didn’t seem too bad.

They told me as soon as I got my menses to just show up at the clinic to get the process going—apparently it was a very timely thing. As soon as I got there, a nurse started scolding me about how I was supposed to come early in the morning blah blah blah. I just stood there and gave her a “just look at my file” look, which she finally did and then kindly asked me to sit and the Doc would be with me shortly. Uh-huh.

I sat there waiting, reading the miracle baby stories on the wall, when I noticed a male nurse in a room with the door slightly ajar. That must be the freezing room! He was doing some cryogenic looking things whilst happily humming along—Bob Marley, maybe? Well at least the frozen little egglets had it arrrrright.

I saw Doc walking towards me but before I could speak to her, I somehow ended up in a flurry of balloons and nurses, one carrying a cake, many carrying gifts. The Doc noticed me—the party crasher—and asked who I was looking for. “You!” Helloooo. She said she would be just one moment…clearly there were photos and a piece of cake still to be had!

The first step was to do an ultrasound (and here comes the dildocam) to get a baseline of where I was at. She said everything looked normal, honed in on my ovaries and turned the screen towards me.

Doc: Look, look! Look at how beautiful your ovaries are!
Me: Heh?

Who knows, maybe after a few years in this place, the black and white squiggly lines of an ultrasound start to look like a work of art! I got up to get dressed but before I did, she handed me a tissue. Ah finally, some normal bedside manners. But as I took it, she instructed, “It’s for your vagina.” Ohhhh my vagina, I thought I might have a boogie in my nose. Fail.

I then met with the nurse to go over the rest of the process. It’s risky business collecting only one mature egg and hoping that egg survives the freezing, so fertility drugs are taken to PUMP UP egg production. As many as they can get, according to the nurse. So every day for two weeks, I had to take hormone injections, which I had to inject MYSELF and go for ultrasounds every couple of days to check on the progress.

I couldn’t get the fertility drugs at any pharmacy so had to go to the one located in the hospital. Once again, I found myself wandering through the creepy halls of the abandoned hospital. Down the windy hall, around the bend, sat a lady in a booth with a bunch of drugs behind her. I had to blink twice to make sure it wasn’t some kind of hologram! Since I had to go every few days, I ended up having some long chats with the nice drug lady—she heard all about my sad tale. The last time I visited the pharmacy, she bid me adieu with some parting words, “Your future isn’t written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!”


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Going through the ups and downs of coping with breast cancer.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Future – Part 2: The Egg Freezing Process”

  1. Hey Rupa,

    This is a crazy blog. Who would’ve thought you’d be writing a blog, nevermind a blog about this. I’ve been thinking about you lots. Tests, hospitals and treatments are really mentally draining (physically too or course) so I’m glad that you are not working and have lots of people around for support.

    xoxo Bev


    1. Hey Bev, who would’ve thought you’d be on a computer, reading my blog! 😛
      The support has been a tremendous help. But yesss this whole process is just so long! Is winter yet!?!

      Hope to see you again soon! ❤❤❤


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